How can your partner help on week 13?

Even if you have more energy now than you had in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, there are still times where you will need the help of your partner.

They can help with the housework

It’s very likely that certain smells seem different to you at this point in the pregnancy – from food to cleaning products or petrol when you are filling up the car. Your body is constantly changing, and some things may even surprise you.

If you can no longer stand a certain smell, ask your partner to help. He can get more involved in household chores and help out more at home. For example, the future father could help you cook if you can no longer bear a certain smell such as the smell of fried onions or the scent of raw meat. Your partner can also help when it comes to cleaning the house, especially since it can be dangerous for the baby if you get in contact with certain cleaning products. Your partner could also help fill up your car if the smell is making you nauseous.

They can help you stay on top of things

As the pregnancy progresses, some women may experience memory problems, especially when it comes to certain details. If this happens your partner can get more involved and help you keep track of your next doctor’s appointment or NCT class.

Even if you don’t have this issue, your stress level may start to increase as the pregnancy progresses. Most mothers-to-be have a number of concerns about all the things that need to be done before the baby is born and what the birth will be like. If your partner is actively involved during this time it will boost your feeling of wellbeing.

They can help you relax

At the end of the first trimester, you may feel slightly scared of what’s to come. Don’t worry – this is a normal state that most mothers go through. Fear of the unknown is natural, especially when we talk about a totally unpredictable experiences, such as pregnancy and birth.

During these times, your partner can build up your confidence through the way he talks to you, but also through affection and kind gestures. A foot massage when your feet feel tired or swollen can work wonders for your mental state.