Our mission

Femyo was born out of the desire to reduce to half the at-birth and infant mortality in Europe.

To achieve this we are building the first digital health management organization in Europe to insure that all our subscribers:

  • have enough knowledge to go through pregnancy and birth safely and deliver healthy babies;
  • correctly monitor their pregnancy and get all standard tests done on time;
  • have immediate access to specialist doctors if they have any questions;
  • after birth follow the vaccination scheme and pediatrician visits;
  • take care of their health and their family health.
The Femyo Team

Daniel Stan
Entrepreneur with over 10 years of international management experience in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Czech Republic and Spain in ecommerce and telemedicine.

Claudia Munteanu
Manager with 10 years of experience in sales and medical partnerships in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Alex Dumitrescu
Manager with 10 years of experience in IT development and management.

As well as a fantastic team of 15 doctors, 25 programmers, designers, content writers, and more than 85,000 users to guide us.

Join Us

The first element of the system, the Femyo app for pregnancy has just been launched and it’s already one of the top health apps in the UK.

In 2019 we are aiming to reach 50% of the pregnant women in the UK, but for this we need your passion and your energy. We are frequently posting jobs in the Careers section, so check them out and help us build a better world!